Tradition and Identity


The actions to protect and restore the life quality of Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Communities aim to repair and compensate for the social, cultural, environmental and economic impacts in these communities in an integrated and participatory manner in accordance with the memories, traditions and realities of these families, which are an important part of the Doce River history.

The relationship with the territory, combined with the cultural differences of each group, offer specificities to their ways of life. Its territorial care and protection practices, as well as environmental management, guide the actions of the Renova Foundation, which respects the particularities of each of the five territories served and of more than 1.600 members.

Emergency actions are taken to reduce the vulnerability of the served groups, such as financial assistance, the supply of inputs for raising animals and the supply of raw, mineral and drinking water according to the specific needs of each territory.

This work is developed through partnerships with regulatory bodies and social agreements with involvement of the communities.

  100 raw water supply points
  140 drinking water receiving points
  1,230 people receive mineral water

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